Thursday, 31 March 2016

Brain like functionality on an IBM chip

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is much closer than you think.

The following article is a must read for anyone interested in the future, and how significant AI will become. The article describes the new AI chip from IBM:

IBM reveals the 'brain' supercomputer: 'neurosynaptic' chip can replicate 16 million neurons - and will help look after nation's nuclear weapons

In short the chip is wired like a brain with neurons [nodes] and synapses [connections between nodes]. This chip has one million digital neurons and 256 million connections.

It consumes 70 milliwatts of power running in real time and delivers 46 giga [billion] synaptic operations per second – much lower energy consumption than traditional computing technology.

It can solve a wide class of problems including those based around vision, audio, and multi-sensory input. It will probably revolutionize the computer industry by integrating brain-like capability into devices where computation is constrained by power and speed.

It could be used in portable devices: think smart phones, sensor networks, self-driving cars, robots, medical imaging, real-time video analysis, signal processing, and olfactory detection. This gives a whole new meaning to "smart phones".

It will also be used in supercomputers.

The chip can be used in combination with other cognitive computing technologies to create systems that learn, reason and help humans make better decisions.

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