Thursday, 30 June 2016

Creativity and Innovation Training with Impact

What's better than training?

"Training with Impact!" provides direct support following completion of the course. This customised support is delivered as online coaching and/or consultancy (you decide which).

It helps you to realise the benefits of your training and to apply it directly to your context, achieving much more impact than training courses alone can ever do.

Creativity and Innovation Training with Impact

UK Innovation Training

Get the best online training in the UK for modern Creativity and effective Innovation.

Five star service, and customisation options for every employee in the UK.

Innovation and the Future

You'll be amazed at what's happening: Innovation and the Future

Free Innovation Course

This free UK innovation course explains what innovation is and what the benefits are.

The feedback that best describes this course is the following:
"Excellent thought provoking"

The UK economy will prosper through innovation, and you can too

Find out for free what you should know about modern creativity and effective innovation in the 21st century. Find out how you can benefit and profit.

UK online innovation courses, training, coaching and consultancy

These benefits apply to anyone and everyone; and to every sector. For example: business, education, engineering, manufacturing, science, technology, health, space, transport, and the environment.

These services will help you to become more creative, inventive and innovative.

Benefit from online training, coaching, consultancy and innovative ideas! Learn modern techniques in creativity. Learn how to innovate effectively. Benefit from 21st century science and technology. Make an impact: Together we can make a difference!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Unique solutions and opportunities

Find unique solutions to any challenge and gain unique opportunities. It has been proven that only by innovating effectively can you benefit from unique solutions and opportunities.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Ted's Guides

Hello, my name is Ted. I am a cuddly character, with a simple attitude to life, and well read. I tell it like it is, in simple plain language. So you will not need your encyclopedia of jargon: "Jar be gone".

Instead of lolling around in the bedroom all day I decided to write a few short guides to business and other stuff. See below...

Monday, 13 June 2016

SpaceX: to boldly go to Mars

SpaceX plans to first establish a cargo route to Mars with shipments every 26 months, then people will probably follow.

Suggested Cargo

Here's what the Innovation Future Specialist suggests Elon Musk might want to consider in the cargo:

  • 3D printer (using Mars dust as one of the base ingredients)
  • Solar power components
  • Specialised mining and tunnelling tools, and
  • Robots

Robot Welcome

The robots use the other resources to build the shell of a Mars base ready for the arrival of astronauts. Upon arrival they would have access to a shielded underground base, solar powered electricity, and other facilities.

Details and innovation support services available from...

Benefits of Innovation

Taken from the free course: What is Innovation?

Thursday, 9 June 2016

PERHAPS god-like nano-bot enhanced brains

Be careful what you wish for. The Huge technical challenges and health issues aside, what about the ethics? Why do we need to risk messing with the brain when we can just have a smarter AI phone?

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Benefit: Be part of the amazement

These services offer you the benefits of good innovation, which include: making processes more effective and efficient; reducing costs; speeding up processes; improving quality; growing a business to increase its revenue; increasing profits; increasing your quality of life, and your worth; improving all aspects of your organisation; improving things for your partners and customers; and developing environmentally sustainable solutions.