Monday, 21 March 2016

Amazing Innovation Services Special Offer

So you want to be more innovative?

Here is just the ticket...

Benefit now from this Spring 2016 Special Offer.

Learn about innovation
Practice innovation
and Succeed

Quick, free course: What is Innovation? In just 2 to 20 minutes you will know what innovation is and be aware of the fantastic benefits it provides!

See what the future holds and prepare now for success. You can be part of that amazing innovative future.

Experience an innovative learning experience and benefit from a unique service that goes miles further than conventional training: training with impact!

Benefit from the course How to Innovate Effectively. Push your potential to realise your amazing innovations.

If you need week by week support to become an effective innovator then Innovation Coaching is perfect for you.

Do you want specialist advice, focused reports, and custom tools to stimulate the innovative abilities of your organisation? If so then Innovation Consultancy is what you need.

Benefit from innovative creativity and bright ideas. With this support you will benefit from a unique perspective and receive ideas that go way beyond what your own colleagues produced.

Spring Sale

Welcome to spring! Benefit from any of the above services with this 15% discount off all prices shown on the Innovation Future Specialist website.  To claim your discount simply include a reference to this page (bookmark it now), and make your purchase before the end of March 2016. (This discount may not be used with any other discounts or special offers.)

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