Thursday, 19 May 2016

Six solutions to traffic pollution

Despite having a clear understanding of traffic pollution and its impact way back in the 1990s, air pollution in many urban areas and cities across the world continues to get worse! This is serious stuff. Just in the UK alone, air pollution from traffic is estimated to be responsible for the early deaths of twenty to thirty thousand [30,000] people, every year! That is equivalent to the entire population of a small town dying every year. Across the world, there are many more deaths and health problems caused by air pollution. You would probably expect this to be taken seriously. Some do take it very seriously and the demand for solutions is increasing. 

Hypersonic Travel: London - Sydney 2hrs

Travelling from London to Sydney in just two hours at over Mach 7 is closer to becoming a reality as prototype tests reach a speed of Mach 7.5.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Robot performs its own surgical operations

The robots are coming, and this one does surgery...

An autonomous robot has performed better surgery than a surgeon using manual, or semi-automated robotics!

Currently the surgeon is able to do it faster than the robot [but that is unlikely to remain the case, I suspect].

Robot carries out first autonomous soft tissue surgery