Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Proposed: Light weight craft laser accelerated to second nearest star

To boldly go to a star in Alpha Centauri. 

Some innovative ideas on how to get a probe to our second nearest star [after the sun].

Billion watt laser!

Speed of one fifth the speed of light!

A probe as light as a sheet of paper!

What a bold vision, but are they prepared for all the challenges? Do you want to know how to do bold innovations? Radical innovations? Disruptive innovations? [Explained in the free, quick, online course: What is Innovation?]

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Self Driving Lorries Arrive

Self-driving trucks hit the roads of Europe: Convoys of autonomous lorries that 'speak' to each other arrive in Rotterdam

More than a dozen self-driving trucks arrived in Rotterdam

They arrived in 'truck platoons' at around midday, ready to hit the road

Truck platooning involves two or three trucks that autonomously drive in convoy connected wirelessly.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Free answers to Your questions

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Synthetic life-form created

A synthetic life-form has been created. A bacterium with fewer genes than any found in nature has been created! This is an artificial life-form!

AI learns science

There can be no greater impact on the human race than when AI learns to do science.

Here is a start:

Seattle Brain Power Coming to AI

We've seen similar progress from IBM's well known AI: IBM Watson. That knows more about medical research articles than the average doctor! It has the aim of providing advice to doctors, and diagnosing patients' health problems.