Friday, 11 March 2016

100 Amazing Years of Innovation

Over the last 100 years, or so, we have benefited from the fantastic innovations shown below. Let us consider the achievements the human race has made in just the last 0.05% of its existence. In this relatively short time there has been an explosion of innovation!

Just over one hundred years ago all of the following achievements were thought to be very unlikely or "impossible", and in some cases not even envisioned, by the average person. Even some experts of the time thought that some of these things were impossible.
» Flight and flying faster than the speed of sound
» Landing on moon (over 230,000 miles away) ... and measuring its distance to an accuracy of a few millimetres!
» Space exploration across billions of miles and to the edge of our solar system
» Amazing scientific discoveries: Relativity; Quantum mechanics; Big bang (the start of our universe); The expanding and accelerating universe; and, Identification of the Human Genome (the details of your DNA)
» Computers
» Global multimedia communications and the Internet
» Video communications with a handheld device
» Imaging inside the human body (e.g. real-time video of a beating heart and ... a thinking brain)
» Text and speech language translators
» Robots (that can see, hear, build, walk and talk)
» Self driving cars
There are more examples, but the point is that in just 100 years, scientific discoveries and technological developments have achieved the "impossible".

Imagine what will be achieved this century...!

Impressive innovations, I think you would agree. Yet be prepared to be even more impressed... some experts are seriously predicting that this century will achieve 200 [yes, two hundred] times as much progress as the last century !!

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