Friday, 10 November 2017

Amazing: AI becomes qualified as Doctor!

Read this: 

An artificial intelligence (AI) system has passed the exam students take to become a medical doctor! (China)
iFlyTek, a Chinese technology major specialising in speech intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI), has vowed to expand its business in new areas such as education and medical care after its intelligent robot recently cleared China’s national exam and qualified as a doctor.

The company is going to use the technology, which allows machines to talk and even think like humans, to “empower the world” by starting to change the education, medical care and law industries.

“Rather than replacing doctors, AI is able to help doctors better serve patients. By studying the medical cases and diagnosis skills of top doctors in top hospitals in megacities in China, our doctor AI can serve as an assistant to help doctors in remote areas in the country,” he said.

Building its business empire upon speech-recognition technology, iFlyTek is betting big on AI to change more industries amid China’s national push on such technology.
China has made the development of AI a national strategy. The country’s State Council issued a three-step road map in July with the goal of leapfrogging the US as the global leader in AI by 2030.

Shenzhen-listed tech major eyes medical sector after its AI robot aces exam to qualify as doctor

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